How to Establish a Career as an Accountant in 2017

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected employment growth rate in the accounting profession is 11 percent. This makes accounting a rewarding and promising career. If you are contemplating on pursuing this career here is how to establish yourself. 


Knowledge in the finance field is key when considering an accounting job. Most employers insist on a minimum entry-level of a degree in the accounting or business field. Other employers require extra degrees, probably a master’s degree in the business field. Meeting any of the employer stipulated thresholds gets you an entry-level position as an accounting clerk, a bookkeeper or any other junior accounting jobs on offer.

Licensing and Certification

As a legal requirement, all accountants filing reports at the SEC, the Securities and Exchange Commission, are required to have been certified. You become a certified accountant, a CPA holder, upon completing accounting exams offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Upon completion of the exams, you are eligible to apply at the board of accountancy in your state.

It is good practice to further your studies to remain relevant in light of the changes and trends in the field. Some of the certifications you can seek include; the Certified Management Accountant, CMA, from the Institute of Management Accountant, the Certified Internal Auditor, CIA, from the Institute of Internal Auditors, and the Certified Information Systems Auditor, CISA, offered by the ISACA.

Having such qualifications positions you ahead of the competition. In the job market.

Career Growth

As you assess your options, it is important to note that your career does not end in the accounting section. Accounting is just but a base point to propel you to other positions in the financial world. Your possible ranks may include that of the Chief Financial Officer and a Chief Executive Officer among others.

Attributes That Fit the Job

Getting the job is but one step. Maintaining the job is what counts. There are some qualities you should have to stand in a position of a solution provider in the job. Analytical skills, communication skills, organizational skills as well as math skills are an accountant’s tools of trade in his/her quest in providing solutions.

Field Specification

It is important you have an idea of the area you are willing to work in. You could consider working in the finance sectors, insurance fields or in matters auditing. This will help you establish a foundation as you build your career.

Accountants must strive to remain relevant by staying up to date with the changes in technology and seeking career advancement opportunities through continuing education, seminars and training.

William Doonan is a tax law and legal expert in Bronx, NY.